Uganda 3P Expo 2023:


Uganda 3P International Exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition focusing on 3 Major Industries – Paper, Printing, and Processing Industries. Inevitably these 3 industries are interconnected and serve each other, consequently all at one platform impregnates the larger possibility for the exhibitors for greater business networking cross industries. Also, at the same time from Visitor Perspective 3P international Exhibition becomes a not to miss event as at one go, they can explore the latest trends & updates on 3 kaleidoscopic industries. At Uganda 3P, the platform offers high class global technology makers, industry connoisseurs, retailers in the field of Plastic, printing packaging paper and processing innumerable business opportunities within a profession well-mannered and fully equipped setting. Uganda 3P campaigns to heighten the bilateral affairs of Uganda with the world, presenting a combined assortment of the best cutting edge industrial technology.

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